Zeta Azura

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215/70R16 (BSW) ZT2157016N 440-A-A100 H
225/70R16 (BSW) ZT2257016N 440-A-A103 H
235/60R16 (BSW) ZT2356016N 440-A-A100 V
215/60R17 (BSW) ZT2156017N 440-A-A96 H
225/60R17 (BSW) ZT2256017N 440-A-A99 V
225/65R17 (BSW) ZT2256517N 440-A-A102 V
235/65R17XL (BSW) ZT2356517N 440-A-A108 V
255/65R17 (BSW) ZT2556517N 440-A-A110 H
265/65R17 (BSW) ZT2656517N 440-A-A112 H
215/55R18XL (BSW) ZT2155518N  99 V
225/55R18XL (BSW) ZT2255518N 440-A-A102 W
225/60R18XL (BSW) ZT2256018N 440-A-A104 V
235/50R18XL (BSW) ZT2355018N 440-A-A101 W
235/55R18 (BSW) ZT2355518N 440-A-A100 V
235/60R18XL (BSW) ZT2356018N 440-A-A107 V
255/55R18XL (BSW) ZT2555518N 440-A-A109 V
255/60R18 (BSW) ZT2556018N 440-A-A112 H
265/60R18 (BSW) ZT2656018N 440-A-A110 V
235/55R19XL (BSW) ZT2355519N 440-A-A105 W
255/50R19 (BSW) ZT2555019N 440-A-A103 W
255/55R19XL (BSW) ZT2555519N 440-A-A111 V
285/45R19 (BSW) ZT2854519 440-A-A107 W
285/45R19 (BSW) ZT2854519N 440-A-A107 W
275/40R20XL (BSW) ZT2754020N 440-A-A106 W
275/45R20XL (BSW) ZT2754520N 440-A-A110 V
315/35R20XL (BSW) ZT3153520N 440-A-A110 W
295/35R21 (BSW) ZT2953521N 440-A-A107 Y
265/35R22XL (BSW) ZT2653522N 440-A-A102 W
285/35R22XL (BSW) ZT2853522N 440-A-A106 W

AZURA is high-performance tyre designed for the most demanding luxury SUV application. The tread pattern is designed for fast and safe operation in the UHP segment. AZURA allows drivers of high-speed luxury SUV`s to enjoy the road going ability of their vehicles.

  • V-shaped non-directional tread design gives you the freedom to rotate the tyre front to back, and side to side.
  • Solid centre rib designed for high-speed stability.
  • A double groove gives it an aggressive and well-designed all-season concept pattern, improved wet traction, less vibration and a smoother, quieter ride.

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