Beyern Mesh (Chrome/Chrome) Wheels 18x8.5, 5/120 Offset: 15


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Price Range:    $308.00 to $756.80

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Beyern was created to service the discerning BMW driver. Whether it is the 3 series BMW, 5 series BMW, 6 series BMW, 7 series BMW, Z3, Z4, X3 or X5 BMW, Beyern makes the perfect wheel for your BMW motor car. Beyern Wheels are designed exclusively for BMW motor vehicles. All Beyern BMW wheels are perfectly hub centric and are made to the tightest tolerances. When it comes to BMW wheels, Beyern has the perfect fit.

Lip Size:
17x8 - 1.2"
18x8.5 - 1.3"
18x9.5 - 3"
19x8.5 - 1.5"
19x9.5 - 3"
20x8.5 - 1.4"
20x10 - 3"
22x9.5 - 3"
22x11 - 4"

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