RTX Envy (Painted/Matte Gunmetal) Wheels 16x6.5, 5/112 Offset: 42


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Price Range:    $135.80 to $249.50

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The Envy wheel is inspired by a classic design of the last decades in the wheel industry. The matte gunmetal finish and slightly larger width than a regular alloy wheel are perfect for someone looking for a discrete sport look for their sedan or coupe. Offered in larger diameters (17 to 20 inch), the Envy is also available in staggered fitments for larger wheels in the rear.

RTX Envy (Painted/Matte Gunmetal) Wheels 17" x 7.5" 5/114.3; Offset: 40; Hub: 73.1; Seat type: Conical;

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