Yokohama Advan Fleva V701

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195/50R15 70130 300-AA-A82 V
195/55R15 70131 300-AA-A85 V
205/55R15 70132 300-AA-A88 V
195/45R16 70133 300-AA-A84 W
205/45R16 70136 300-AA-A87 W
205/50R16 70137 300-AA-A87 V
205/55R16 70138 300-AA-A91 W
225/50R16 70139 300-AA-A92 W
205/45R17 70140 300-AA-A88 W
205/50R17 70141 300-AA-A93 W
215/40R17 70143 300-AA-A87 W
215/45R17 70144 300-AA-A91 W
215/50R17 70145 300-AA-A95 W
225/45R17 70147 300-AA-A94 W
225/50R17 70148 300-AA-A98 W
225/55R17 70149Y 300-AA-A97 W
235/45R17 70150 300-AA-A97 W
255/40R17 70151 300-AA-A94 W
215/40R18 70154 300-AA-A89 W
225/40R18 70156 300-AA-A92 W
225/45R18 70157 300-AA-A95 W
235/40R18 70158 300-AA-A95 W
235/50R18 70159 300-AA-A97 V
245/40R18 70161 300-AA-A97 W
255/35R18 70162 300-AA-A94 W
255/40R18 70163 300-AA-A99 W
225/35R19 70164 300-AA-A88 W
235/35R19 70166 300-AA-A91 W
235/45R19 70167 300-AA-A95 W
255/30R19 70168 300-AA-A91 W
255/30R20 70172 300-AA-A92 W

The ADVAN Fleva V701 is the latest addition to our flagship ADVAN product line-up, designed to increase drivers control and optimise handling on city streets, highways and winding roads. Suitable for sport hatch and sedan performance cars, it provides superior wet grip performance and delivers a supremely quiet ride that sets a new standard for sport tyres.

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Advan Fleva V701

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5 Years / Free replacement first year or 2/32" of wear, then prorated to 2/32" remaining depth

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