Yokohama Avid Envigor ZPS

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195/55RF16 (BSW) 32194 560-A-A87 V
205/45RF17 (BSW) 32191 560-A-A84 V
225/50RF17 (BSW) 32193 560-A-A94 V
225/55RF17 (BSW) 32197 560-A-A97 V

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255/40RF17 (BSW) 32195 560-A-A94 V
245/40RF18 (BSW) 32190 560-A-A93 V

The AVID ENVigor ZPS (Zero Pressure System) is Yokohama´s High Performance All-Season run-flat radial developed to meet the year-round driving needs of sports car, coupe and sedan drivers. With the ability to provide temporary extended mobility for a distance of up to 50 miles at 50 mph in the event a puncture allows complete air pressure loss, AVID ENVigor ZPS tires are designed to combine performance, comfort and treadlife along with year-round traction, even on light snow-covered roads.

  • The AVID ENVigor ZPS radial´s all-season silica tread compound is molded into an optimized contact patch featuring a five-rib directional pattern that blends performance with all-season traction.
  • Linked shoulder blocks and a continuous tapered center rib increase tread rigidity to improve straight-line tracking and handling.
  • Independent intermediate blocks, angled grooves and adaptive 3D sipes enhance wet traction, help resist hydroplaning and promote traction in light snow.
  • The AVID ENVigor ZPS radial´s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced by joint less nylon belt covers and belt edge strips that are spirally wound to provide long-term integrity under demanding conditions while they reduce tire weight and promote more uniform ride quality.
  • Two rayon cord body plies help provide predictable handling while Yokohama´s ZPS sidewall reinforcement can temporarily support the vehicle´s weight even after a puncture allows a complete loss of air pressure.

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Avid Envigor ZPS

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