Michelin Primacy MXM4


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205/55R16 Green X (BSW) 34471 500-AA-A91 H
215/55R16XL Green X (BSW) 66313 500-AA-A97 H
215/45R17 Green X (BSW) 00507 500-AA-A87 W
215/45R17 Green X (BSW) 23164 500-AA-A87 V
215/45R17 (BSW) 02009 500-AA-A87 V
215/50R17XL Green X (BSW) 63091 500-AA-A95 V
215/50R17XL Green X (BSW) 39097 500-AA-A93 V
215/55R17 Green X (BSW) 13027 500-AA-A94 V
215/55R17 Green X (BSW) 08357 500-AA-A93 V
225/45R17 Green X (BSW) 31473 500-AA-A91 W
225/45R17 (BSW) 72983  90 H
225/45R17 Green X (BSW) 37101 500-AA-A91 H
225/45R17 (BSW) 46465 500-AA-A91 V
225/50R17 (BSW) 11860 420-A-A94 H
225/50R17 Green X (BSW) 88213 500-AA-A94 W
225/50R17XL (BSW) 41073  98 V
225/55R17 Green X (BSW) 23807 500-AA-A97 V
235/45R17XL Green X (BSW) 84645 500-AA-A97 H
235/45R17 Green X M0 (BSW) 94018 500-AA-A94 H
235/45R17 Green X (BSW) 77864 500-AA-A94 W
245/40R17 Green X (BSW) 26027 500-AA-A91 W
245/45R17XL Green X M0 (BSW) 87510 500-AA-A99 H
245/50R17 (BSW) 24518 500-AA-A98 H
255/40R17 Green X M0 (BSW) 27593 500-AA-A94 H
225/40R18 (BSW) 99991 500-AA-A88 V
225/45R18 (BSW) 23460 500-AA-A91 V
225/45R18 Green X (BSW) 03939 500-AA-A91 V
225/50R18 Green X (BSW) 20213 500-AA-A95 W
225/60R18 (BSW) 99702 500-A-A100 H
235/40R18 Green X M0 (BSW) 03689 500-AA-A91 H
235/45R18 (BSW) 34445  94 V
235/45R18 (BSW) 14644  94 V
235/45R18 (BSW) 70631 500-AA-A94 V
235/50R18 (BSW) 59702 500-AA-A97 V
235/55R18 (BSW) 71547 500-AA-A100 V
235/60R18 (BSW) 06696  102 V
245/45R18 (BSW) 47731 500-A-A96 V
245/45R18XL (BSW) 99792 500-AA-A100 W
245/45R18 (BSW) 22485  96 V
245/50R18 (BSW) 65187 500-AA-A99 V
245/50R18 Green X (BSW) 32275 500-AA-A100 H
245/50R18 ZP Run Flat (BSW) 53738 500-AA-A100 V
245/50R18 (BSW) 05011 500-AA-A100 W
255/35R18XL Green X M0 (BSW) 36995 500-AA-A94 H
225/40R19XL (BSW) 18126 500-AA-A93 V
235/40R19XL (BSW) 74327  96 V
235/55R19 (BSW) 59625 500-AA-A101 H
245/40R19XL (BSW) 71310 500-AA-A98 W
245/40R19 (BSW) 23600  94 V
245/45R19 Green X (BSW) 19136 500-AA-A98 W
245/45R19XL (BSW) 98871 500-AA-A102 V
245/45R19XL (BSW) 63760 500-AA-A102 H
255/45R19 (BSW) 78442  100 V
275/40R19 (BSW) 15814 500-AA-A101 H
245/45R20 (BSW) 03667  99 V

360 Degrees of Ultimate Satisfaction for the Premium CarOwner Who Wants it All: Safety, all-weather handling, great ride quality and comfort.

  • Increased traction and handling in wet conditions - the result of the revolutionary Helio Compound™, with sunflower oil, combined with 3-DVariable Thickness Sipes Technology™ (VTS).
  • With revolutionary designs and advanced tread compounds,MICHELIN tires have been able to meet or exceed thedemanding standards of the world's leading luxury car makers for decades - including Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes and Lexus. The new MICHELIN® Primacy™ MXM4® tire is set to continue the tradition..
  • The 3-D Variable Thickness Sipes Technology™ and optimizedcontact patch of MaxTouch Construction™ combine to deliver many miles of drivingpleasure.



Michelin Primacy MXM4
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I purchased 4 Primacy MXM4 tires in Nov. 2017. Immediately getting on the freeway to home, I felt a vibration under my seat. Took the car back to the dealership a week later, but of course, the dealer said he didn't feel anything. After leaving, I still felt the vibration and eventually the tires began to rumble and make all sorts of noise. I took the car and had the tires road balanced again which seemed to have helped, the i still get the noise and rumbling occasionally. I have filed a warranty issue with Michelin for an adjustment for replacement of the tires. The tires have approximately 4000 miles on them. I have been a long time Michelin customer and have never had a problem with Michelin tires. This is extremely rare and very disappointing. Haven't driven in snow as of this date 5/17/2018. Just terribly disappointed in this particular model and have had several people to tell me that the Primacy has had some complaints.

Size: 245/45R19


Anonymous made this review on 5/17/2018 and is a Cautious, Reserved Driver

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Warranty summary for replacement tires purchased on or after 01/Nov/2016

Treadlife Warranty

Primacy™ MXM4®* H/V All-Season 55 000, Primacy™ MXM4®* W All-Season 45 000, Primacy™ MXM4® ZP* H/V All-Season 30 000

Uniformity Warranty

1 Year / first 2/32" of wear

Workmanship Materials Warranty

6 Years / Free replacement first year, 2/32" or 25% of wear, then prorated until 2/32" remaining depth

Manufacturers Road Hazard Warranty


Manufacturer Warranty Brochure

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Manufacturer Special Warranty

30-day satisfaction, 3-yr flat changing

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